Historical and Current Information

History of Our Local Chapter

EARLY DAYS The unofficial days of the Wah Yan San Francisco Alumni Chapter started way back to the late 1980's, when Internet access was limited to those who worked in the computer industry or assoicated with research/higher education institutions.

Back then, there was a Usenet communication forum mostly participated by users from Hong Kong. Three Wah Yan alumni (Vincent Yau, Charles Mok, and Kelly Chang) "met" each other on the Internet and started the "Wah Yan Net", an email mailing list. The list gradually grew to a couple of hundreds. Some of the members who resided in the San Francisco Bay Area decided to meet face to face. It was an cooperative effort.  Those who had email access relayed messages by telephone to their Wah Yan friends who did not have email access. On a Saturday afternoon in 1989, about thirty Wah Yan graduates showed up at Fook Yuen Restaurant in Milbrae for lunch. Thus the unofficial chapter was conceived.

There were regularly lunch gatherings approximately once every two to three months, and occasional picnics. The primary communication was by email and relay via telephone to those who did not have email access.

OFFICIAL CHAPTER The Chatper decided to incorporate as a California non-profit organization in 1993 when it was awarded the hosting of the 4th Wah Yan International Conference. Thus it became one of the chapters recognized by the Wah Yan Past Students Association in Hong Kong. Alexis Wong served as the first chapter's president.

From August 5th through August 7th 1994 over one hundred of Wah Yan alumni and family members attended the 4th Wah Yan International Conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Burlingame. The theme of the conference: Towards A Global Wah Yan Community. Fr. Coghlan and Fr. Deignan representing both schools, as well as alumni from local and worldwide chatpers (New York, Vancouver, Calgary, Sdyney, HongKong, Kowloon, Southern California, and Toronto) gathered for the 3-day weekend event.

The chapter subsequently met regularly approximately once a quarter with a picnic during the summer. Over the span of the following ten years from 1995 through 2005, the chapter's president has been served by Kelly Chang, Stephen Luk, Edwin Law, Steve Chan, and Patrick Lui.

Today, the chapter has over 250 members growing day by day, by the Bay.

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM In 2000 a group of member decided to give back to the alma mater by creating a scholarship program.  Unlike typical merit based award, we decided to help those deserving students who may not have stellar academic achievement and their families do not have the financial means to allow them to pursue a university education in the United States.  Since then more than 20 awards have been granted.


Today’s Organization









“believes that ‘for a man to conquer himself is the first and best of all victories’”, Fr. R.W. Gallagher, S.J., first Jesuit Principal of Wah Yan College, Hong Hong.