Letter from Stan Chow, President of San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Many of you may have read Fr. Deignan's letter to all the Wah Yan alumni requesting help to make the two Wah Yan centers of excellent education and formation of character for the future.  His idea of using small class size to improve education quality should resonate with all of you living in the U.S. Fr. Deignan's letter is posted in http://www.wahyanonefamily.org.  The plan is to raise HK$100M in the Wah Yan One Family Foundation (WYOFF) to make it happen.  A walkathon, led by Mr. Donald Tsang, which broke many school records took place last month.  It brought the total amount raised to over HK$40M.  There is another half way to go.  The Hong Kong alumni association is asking all the overseas chapters to help out. 
While some of you have donated with your class, this is an opportunity for many of you to help our alma mata and the Jesuits to reach the next level of their education goals.  We are all fortunate to have received Jesuit education and come overseas to further our education, pursue our career, or raise our family.  As Thanksgiving is approaching, it is a good reminder that we should give back to our school that has shaped us to where we are today. Let's all chip in to help Wah Yan.  How much you donate is up to you. Participating is the key. 
For those of you who may have questions about Fr. Deignan's dream or how the donation is used, there is a great opportunity to ask Fr. Stephen Chow, supervisors of the two Wah Yan, at our Chapter Thanksgiving dinner on Nov 18th. 
To donate to WYOFF, you can do one of the followings:
1. follow the instruction posted in the WYOFF website. Please inform me of your donation so I can tally up a list of donors from this Chapter.
2. Mail a check payable to "Wah Yan Scholarship Foundation of California" to PO Box 72, Saratoga, CA 95071.  A receipt will be issued by our Chapter, and a check will be sent to WYOFF.
3. Pay cash or write a check at the Thanksgiving dinner.
If your company matches charity contribution, please consider it and use method #2.
I hope to finish our fundraising drive in the next six weeks.  Thanks in advance for all your help.